Product No:  ACT0767Y
Bar Code:  4021447319025
Brand:  Cellona

Cellona Activa Cellona Shoe Large 42-43 16475 1

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In stock

The Cellona Shoe is used, for example, over plaster of Paris and synthetic casts, wound dressings, and phlebological and lymphological bandages. This dressing protection shoe creates a foothold, thus making it easier for patients to walk, and increasing their mobility.

The Cellona Shoe can be worn as a closed shoe or a sandal. It protects feet and casts or dressings. It can be individually adjusted using the hook-and-loop straps and can be worn on either the left or right foot. A pass-through plastic loop at the ankle makes it easy to fasten the hook-and-loop strap and obtain a good fit. The dressing protection shoe prevents slipping, providing a good foothold even in wet conditions. The shoe's materials are washable (by hand) at 30°C.

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