Exufiber Dressing 4.5X10Cm 603305 10
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Product No:  EXU0015B
Bar Code:  7323190088331
Brand:  Exufiber

Exufiber Dressing 4.5X10Cm 603305 10

£18.13 (£21.76 Inc. VAT)

Exufiber Is A Unique Gelling Fibre Dressing With Patented Hydrolock Technology That Helps You To Manage The Challenges Of Highly Exuding Wounds Whilst Improving The Patient Experience. Hydrolock Technology Consists Of Highly Absorbent Poly-Vinyl Alcohol (Pva) Fibres Which Transform Into A Gel That Facilitates Moist Wound Healing And Ease Of Removal At Dressing Change. The Excellent Locking Properties Of Hydrolock Technology Minimise Free Fluid Inside The Dressing And Enable Superior Retention. At Dressing Change Exufiber Delivers High Tensile Strength When Wet And Maintains Structural Integrity To Ensure Removal In One Piece. Exufiber Is Available Both As Sheet And Ribbon Dressings.

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