Irriclens S130 Sod Chloride 0.9% 240Ml
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Product No:  IRR0018Q
Bar Code:  768455031276
Brand:  Irriclens

Irriclens S130 Sod Chloride 0.9% 240Ml

£5.89 (£7.07 Inc. VAT)

Irriclens Is A Sterile Saline Solution Used For Washing Out And Irrigation Of A Wound Or Cavity. It Contains Sodium Chloride Ph.Eur.W/V 0.9% In Distilled Water. Sodium Chloride 0.9% Is A Solution Of Salt In Water At The Same Concentration As Found Normally In The Body. It Is Otherwise Known As Saline. Saline May Be Used To Wash Wounds Thoroughly- The Aim Of Wound Cleansing Is To Create The Optimal Local Conditions For Wound Healing By Removing Stale Exudate And Debris Such As Foreign Materials, Slough And Necrotic Tissue. For All Wound Cleansing Purposes. The Modern Preferred Method For Cleaning Wounds Without Damaging Healthy Tissue.

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