Kaltostat Dressing 5X5Cm Dt No.1004 10
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Product No:  KAL0026M
Bar Code:  768455111039
Brand:  Kaltostat

Kaltostat Dressing 5X5Cm Dt No.1004 10

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In stock

Kaltostat Alginate Dressing Is An Alginate Dressing Indicated As A Primary Dressing For Moderately To Highly Exuding Chronic And Acute Wounds, And For Wounds With Minor Bleeding. On Contact With Exudates The Dressing Gradually Forms A Firm, Moist Gel Which Is Highly Absorbent.
Exudate Management – For Moderately To Heavily Exuding Wounds
Kaltostat Dressing Is An Absorbent, Calcium Sodium Alginate (80% Ca And 20% Na) With A High Guluronic Acid Content.
When In Contact With Wound Exudate, Calcium Ions In The Dressing Exchange With Sodium Ions In The Exudate Causing The Dressing To Transform From A Dry, Fibrous
State To A Firm, Moist Gel. The Dressing Provides A Moist Environment Helping To Create Optimal Wound Healing Conditions And Maintains Its Integrity Allowing For Easy, Atraumatic Removal
Kaltostat Dressing Is Also Designed To Promote Haemostasis, Providing A Matrix To Support Blood Clot Formation.

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