Nourkrin Active 45+ 30Tablet
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Product No:  NOU0064U
Bar Code:  5707725100132
Brand:  Nourkrin

Nourkrin Active 45+ 30Tablet

£28.28 (£33.94 Inc. VAT)

A Healthy Head Of Hair Is Unfortunately Not Guaranteed For Life. Neither Is Hair Loss Or Thinning A Respecter Of Age. 60% Of All Women In The Uk Will Experience Some Form Of Hair Growth Issues During Their Lives - This Can Happen At Any Age Or Stage Of Life. In Almost All Cases, The Hair Growth Cycle Becomes Disrupted, Which Results In The Hair Growth Becoming Slower Or The Hair Becoming Weaker, Thinner Or Even Shedding. Nourkrin Active 45+ Has Been Developed To Support The Hair Growth Cycle And Help Maintain Healthy Hair In Women 45+ Active 45 + Contains Marilex, Biotin & Zinc. Marilex Will Ensure The Hair Growth Cycle Remains Normalised And Functions Effectively. A Deficiency Of Zinc Can Have A Negative Impact On Our Hair. As Our Bodies Do Not Produce Zinc Naturally, We Need To Supplement Our Diets To Provide A Healthy And Effective Level For Our Hair Health Needs.

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