Sensodyne T/Paste Extra Fresh Tot. Care 75Ml
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Product No:  SEN0303S
Bar Code:  5000347005121
Brand:  Sensodyne

Sensodyne T/Paste Extra Fresh Tot. Care 75Ml

£4.45 (£5.34 Inc. VAT)

Sensitivity Starts With Exposed Dentine. When Enamel Is Worn Away Gums Recede, The Dentine Underneath Becomes Exposed. Dentine Is Softer Than Enamel, Making Teeth With Exposed Dentine More Vulnerable To Future Problems. This Can Lead To Tooth Sensitivity, For Example, With Hot And Cold Food And Drinks.
Sensodyne Daily Care Toothpastes Have Been Specially Formulated For People With Sensitive Teeth And Can Be Used Every Day. It Provides All The Benefits Of Regular Toothpaste, While Providing Expert Care For Sensitive Teeth. It Contains A Mint Gel Stripe To Give You Long Lasting Freshness. Brush Twice A Day Every Day To Help Strengthen Teeth, Fight Tooth Decay And Promote Gum Health.

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