Product No:  SUR0424M
Bar Code:  5019634703497
Brand:  Surgicel

Surgicel Gauze 5Cm X 7.5Cm 1903Gb 12

$406.80 ($488.16 Inc. VAT)


In stock  

In stock

Effective, fast hemostasis, ease of use.
Drapes or wraps like no other hemostat.
Does not stick or fall apart optimizes application according to surgical and anatomic need.
Absorbable, Plant-based product— eliminates the possibility of animal or human-born contaminants.
Unmatched absorption speed— fully absorbed in 7 to 14 days.
Flexible, sheer weave conforms to irregular surfaces.
Excellent for an especially wide variety of procedures.
Quick availability - no need to reconstitute or mix.

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