Product No:  XTR0008C
Brand:  Dermasciences

Dermasciences Xtrasorb Hcd Adhesive 8X8Cm 86433 10

£24.29 (£29.15 Inc. VAT)

XTRASORB HCS (Hydrogel Colloidal Sheet) dressings are ideal for dry to moderately exuding wounds. XTRASORB HCS is hydrogel and hydrocolloid hybrid wound dressing. This unique dressing provides the hydration of a hydrogel while at the same time being able to absorb up to four times more liquid than other hydrocolloid dressings. XTRASORB HCS turns into a gel as it absorbs and locks it away to keep the exudate away from the wound. It is also completely clear (transparent) so the wound can be easily observed.

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