Blonyx BETA-Alanine

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Blonyx BETA-Alanine

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Blonyx BETA-Alanine

BETA-Alanine is a clean and simple supplement that will increase muscular endurance during short to mid-range, high intensity training. It is ideal for athletes wanting to squeeze a few extra reps out of a 10+ rep set or a few more meters / calories from their short interval sprints.


Supplement products can vary greatly in quality. To ensure BETA-Alanine is of the highest quality we only use GMP facilities and then test the final products to ensure they meet label claims and purity

We are a Canadian company meaning we have to adhere to different manufacturing and testing requirements. Our manufacturing facility is registered with Health Canada ensuring that we meet these stringent requirements in terms of manufacturing and final product quality

At Blonyx we take time to select and then fully test the ingredients we use in our products. We do this to ensure that simplicity and purity of our ingredients is the same used in the research studies we quote on this page

Our manufacturing facility is certified NSF meaning that it has been independently audited to ensure it meets stringent manufacturing guidelines to ensure product quality, prevention of contamination and minimal variance from label claims

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