Carboflex Dressing S7660 10Cm X10Cm 10
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Product No:  CAR0680G
Bar Code:  768455047994
Brand:  Carboflex

Carboflex Dressing S7660 10Cm X10Cm 10

£53.42 (£64.10 Inc. VAT)
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Convatec Carboflex Odor Control Dressing Advanced Multi-Layered Dressing Effectively Manages Infected Malodorous Wounds. Double-Knit, Activated Charcoal Cloth Layer Provides Effective Odor Absorption. Smooth, Flexible, Water-Resistant Outer Film Sleeve Keeps Charcoal Layer Dry. Alginate/Hydrofiber Layer Creates Moist Wound Interface. Forms Gel In The Presence Of Drainage. Soft, Nonadhesive Wound Contact Layer Conforms Comfortably To Wound Site.

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