comfort zone Body Strategist Patch

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comfort zone Body Strategist Patch

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comfort zone Body Strategist + Patch


intensive multi-active patch

compact and toned tissues. Thanks to a draining action, they bestow a visible reduction of localised adipose accumulations and prevent the formation of new adipos deposits

Adiposlim™, Adipoless™, black pepper extract, caffeine, escin

black pepper extract, also used in pharmaceutical products, has the extraordinary capacity to increase the absorption of the active ingredients throughout the epidermis, making them more active. Adipoless™ is an innovative derivative from Qunoa, a plant originating in South America, which prevents the formation of new adipose accumulations, by inhibiting the maturation of the adipocytes. Adiposlim™ is a precious active ingredient with a slimming action that acts at 360° angle on localized adiposity through the transformation of fatty acids into energy, the reduction of the uptake, absorption of new ones and maintaining the activity of lipolysis. Caffeine exerts a strong lipolytic action, and combined with escin, improves microcirculation, activating a draining action

apply 1 patch per day to the area where the imperfections are most visible. The patch must be applied to dry skin. It can be used on its own or in combination with an anti-cellulite cream, however the cream should be applied after the patch, to ensure that the patch stays in place. after 24 hours, remove the patch and applya new one. do not apply more than 1 patch per day


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