comfort zone Body Strategist + Relieving Leg Gel

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comfort zone Body Strategist + Relieving Leg Gel

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comfort zone Body Strategist + Relieving Leg Gel 400ml

revitalizing gel for the legs with hesperidin and aescin

Specific treatment with hesperidin and aescin to alleviate swelling and heaviness of the legs. A ready intervention for tired legs. The synergistic and balanced action of its active ingredients brings immediate relief and helps improve circulation by promoting drainage of excess liquids.

draining hesperidin aescin

HESPERIDIN is one of the flavonoids characteristic of citrus fruits and serves to preserve the integrity and normal permeability of the capillary walls, and for this reason is used for the treatment of edema. AESCIN a mixture of triterpene saponins extracted from the horse chestnut, widely used in pharmacology and dermatology for its vein-protecting, calming and draining properties. In topical applications, it penetrates the superficial layers of the skin, where it performs its action at the capillary level.

For those who suffer from swelling of the legs. A typical disorder that normally appears in the evening hours, more acute in warm climates, it is often the consequence of a tiring day. WARNING Avoid contact on wounds or broken skin.

Apply throughout the day, as needed. Massage with large circular movements from the ankles up to the top of the legs, until completely absorbed.

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