comfort zone Tranquillity Shower Cream
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Brand:  Comfortzone

comfort zone Tranquillity Shower Cream

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comfort zone Tranquillity Shower Cream 200ml

indulging aromatic shower cream

innovative creamy formula to delicately cleanse the skin while bestowing the senses with an absolute wellness experience.

trimoist™, amaranth, vanilla and rose oil

amaranth oil, from the Greek “amarantos”, meaning ‘immortal’, is characterized by a lipidic content composed principally of triglycerides, tocopherols and tocotrienols, which turn out to be very similar to the skin and to it’s own anti-oxidant network. For this reason the lipids of the amaranth oil are a precious remedy for extremely dehydrated skin. Trimoist® is a complex that mimics the three skin mechanisms of hydration: reinforcing the functionality of the lipidic mantle with lipophilic substances, increasing the capacity to link water through hydrophilic substances, and improving skin defense thanks to betaglucan. The result is compact, hydrated, and protected skin. Vanilla and rose oils accompany the heart notes of the fragrance, bringing forth nourishment to the skin.

apply the product directly on the skin or with the aid of a moistened sponge. Massage and rinse.

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