Curaprox BE YOU Toothpaste and Brush
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Product No:  10035026
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Brand:  Curaprox

Curaprox BE YOU Toothpaste and Brush

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Curaprox BE YOU Toothpaste and Brush

[BE YOU.] delivers everything you would expect and so much more: protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps against sensitivity, does not provoke aphthae, naturally supports the saliva process, minimizes plaque and caresses your gums. Thanks to enzymes, hydroxyapatite and herbs.

Lovely sweet watermelon with refreshing menthol, ice-cold fireworks for your mouth and gums, we think it’s the perfect way to start and end your day.

Juicy grapefruit and revitalising bergamot, zinging on a bed of peppermint and menthol. The tangy way to ensure your mouth is wide awake in the morning. Freshness at its best.

Subtle peach and apricot notes combined with the freshness of peppermint and spearmint and an added extra menthol boost. A cool breeze for your mouth everyday.

Head in the clouds again? well wake up your taste sensation with dreamy blackberry and sumptuous liquorice lounging on a bed of eternal fresh menthol. Long lasting freshness with a twist.

Take sweet persimmon and combine with a touch of juniper to create this wonderfully dry experience. Add to that a tannin-like spice with the lingering taste of gin and tonic. What could be better! No alcohol included though, of course.

Something to appeal to your adventurous side a completely new flavour combination, fresh green apple with juicy aloe vera and an added burst of peppermint and menthol. The brave will be rewarded with this uniquely refreshing brushing experience. Live life to the full.

Each Set Contains:
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste 90ml

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