Cystopurin 48 Hour Course
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Cystopurin 48 Hour Course

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Cystopurin 48 Hour Course

Cystopurin is a 48 hour treatment for the symptoms of cystitis. Each pack of Cystopurin contains 6 sachets of powder, low in sodium and with natural cranberry juice extract, which you simply mix with water to make cranberry flavoured drinks.

Cystopurin contains potassium citrate which neutralises the acidity of the urine. This helps to relieve the burning, stinging sensation when passing urine and reduces the urge to urinate so frequently, both of which are common symptoms of cystitis.

Starting a course of Cystopurin at the first burning, stinging signs of cystitis will usually help you feel better within just a few hours.

48 Hour Course
6 Sachets

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