Gillette Sensor Excel Cartridge 5S
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Product No:  GIL0378G
Bar Code:  3014260216658
Brand:  Gillette

Gillette Sensor Excel Cartridge 5S

£9.38 (£11.26 Inc. VAT)

Gillette Sensor Excel Mens Cartridge 5S: Gillette Sensor Excel The Closes, Most Comfortable Sensor Twin Blade Shave. * Delivers Superior Shaving Closeness And Comfort. * Self-Adjusting Blade. * Soft Adjusts To Each Curve On The Face. The Blades So Shave You Closer With Incredible Comfort.
Sensor Excel Refill Cartridges: *Gill Sensor Excel Cart 5S *Twin-Bladed Razor Cartridge Refill* Spring-Mounted Twin Blades Automatically Adjust To Facial Curves *Revolutionary Skin Guard Made Of 5 Soft, Flexible Microfins Delivers A Close Shave * Package Includes 5 Replacement Cartridges For Sensor Excel *All Sensor Cartridges Fit All Sensor Razors.

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