Hydrocoll Basic 10Cmx10Cm 900761 10
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Product No:  HYD0637D
Bar Code:  4049500981873
Brand:  Hydrocoll

Hydrocoll Basic 10Cmx10Cm 900761 10

£40.96 (£49.15 Inc. VAT)

Hydrocoll Basic Free Of Gelatin And Other Animal Derivatives: Eliminates Odors Minimized Associated With Allergic Reactions, And Respects Racial / Religious Differencessemi-Permeable, Rear Polyurethane: Protects Wounds From Moisture Ingress And Bacteria Allows Free Of Gases And Moisture Vapourabsorbs 5.8 G / G Intake Of Exudate In 48 Hours: Protects Against Leakage And Sore Macerationpliable Composition: Ensures High Ductility For Easy Application And Maximum Comfort Holds The Contactwide Range Of Sizes: For Easy Use Without Having To Cut Dressings

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