Hydrotac 20Cm X 20Cm 685844 3
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Product No:  HYD0777R
Bar Code:  4049500737395
Brand:  Hydrotac

Hydrotac 20Cm X 20Cm 685844 3

£30.80 (£36.96 Inc. VAT)

Hydrotac® Provides A Combination Of Absorption And Moisture Donation, Which Helps Keep Wounds In A Bolanced Moist Environment, Optimising Healing Efficiency.
Through A Combination Of Aquacleartm Technology And Dressing Characteristics, Hydrotac® Donates Moisture To The Wound, Cools, Soothes And Enhances The Wound Healing Proces.The Absorbent Polyurethane Foam Layer Absorbs Exudate And Retains It Under Compression, Reducing The Risk Of Maceration.
Hydrotac® Alleviates Pain On Removal, Due To Aquacleartm Technology.

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