Iodozyme Dressing 10X10Cm Ins008 5
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Product No:  IOD0138U
Bar Code:  843460000216
Brand:  Iodozyme

Iodozyme Dressing 10X10Cm Ins008 5

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Oxyzyme Is A Hydrogel Dressing Which, In Common With Other Hydrogel Sheet Products, Provides A Moist Environment That Promotes Autolytic Wound Debridement, Reduces Pain, And Facilitates Healing.
Uniquely, However, Oxyzyme Also Incorporates A Biochemical System Which Increases The Concentration Of Dissolved Oxygen At The Wound Surface And Liberates Iodine From Low Levels (Less Than 0.04% W/W) Of Iodide Ions Present Within The Gel Matrix.
Oxyzyme Consists Of Two Separate Components Which Must Be Applied Together As Directed In Order To Activate The Biochemical Process.
The Two Gel Sheets Are Presented In Individual Aluminium Foil Laminate Pouches With Easy Peel Tabs, Sealed In One Plastic Outer Peelable Pouch.
The First Component, Which Is Placed Directly Upon The Wound Surface, Consists Of A Simple Hydrogel Sheet Containing Glucose. The Second Component Is A Smaller Sheet Of Gel Containing Glucose Oxidase, A Naturally Occurring Enzyme Which, In The Presence Of Oxygen, Catalyzes The Oxidation Of (Beta)-D-Glucose To D-Gluconic Acid And Hydrogen Peroxide.

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