Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara
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Brand:  Max Factor

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

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Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara lengthens, defines, and magnifies lashes for a full fanned out lash crown. Crown your lashes with volume and definition for a majestic eye look.

The revolutionary crown tip is intricately designed to add volume at the base of the lashes, in addition to adding definition and separation at the tips.

While the Crown Brush adds fullness and volumises at the base, the Crown Tip finishes with detailed definition.

Lash Crown defies the convention of traditional volumising mascaras. Enhance your lashes as a make-up artist would do!

Make-up Artist Tips
To apply the mascara, look down into a mirror and work the mascara wand from side-to-side, root to tip.

Look up and apply to your lower lashes. Use the Crown Tip of the wand to finish with definition. Wait until tacky before applying a second coat to your upper lashes.

Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube – the trapped air dries it out.


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