Radox Bath Therapy

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Radox Bath Therapy

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Radox Bath Therapy 500ml

Muscle soak

Do your shoulders ever feel tense? A long soak in Radox herbal bath will help to ease the stress out of your tired muscles. Slip into the warm water and let the natural clary sage and sea mineral blend soothe your mind and relax your body. The perfect way to reward yourself after a day at work

Stress Relief
Whenever you need to wind down, turn on tap, turn down the lights, and add a little stress relief herbal bath to the warm running water. Rosemary can help you feel calmer and more relaxed and eucalyptus is great for clearing your head. So forget everything, lie back, take your time and treat yourself to some everynight luxury.

A million things on your mind? Let our relaxing blend of fragrant lavender and delicate waterlilly bring moments of calm into your busy day. Just sink into the delicate bubbles and enjoy some time to yourself. The world can wait for half an hour.

Muscle Therapy
Theres nothing quite like a hot soak to ease the aches out of your tired body.  Taking a bath in this blend of black pepper and ginseng will help gently warm your muscles and revive your body and mind.

Whats gone into it?
* 100 years of Radox know-how
* A perfect pH balance
* A thumbs-up form the skin experts

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