Tisserand Remedy Roller Balls

Product No:  26680
Bar Code:  5017402009079
Brand:  Tisserand

Tisserand Remedy Roller Balls

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Tisserand Remedy Roller Balls 10ml

100% Natural Essential Oil Remedy

De-Stress: Ideal for hectic moments when calm is needed.  Simply apply to pulse points to restore peace of mind.  Includes soothing Patchouli, rebalancing Orange and nurturing Rose.

Energise: Ideal for tired moments when stamina is needed.  Simply apply to pulse points to restore get up and go.  Includes euphoric Bergamot, energising Grapefruit and uplifting Lime.

Head Clear: Ideal for head tension when cool release is needed.  Simply apply to temples to lighten head overload.  Includes cooling White Mint, restorative Lavender and reviving Lemon.

Travel:  Ideal for on the move when vitality is needed.  Simply apply to pulse points to arrive revived.  Includes awakening Grapefruit, stimulating Bergamot Mint and purifying Lemon Leaf.

Lavender: If your skin is dry and sore, perhaps with a tendency to irritation, or you have overdone it in the sun, use Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball for soothing and instant relief. A great item for travel.

Tea Tree: If you have a tendency to blemished skin not just on the face but also perhaps on the body, use Tisserand Tea Tree Essential Oil Roller Ball to deep cleanse, purify and protect your skin (can also be used after shaving).


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